Thermal rolls

Complete range of all types of paper rolls, production, printing, and distribution.

Self-adhesive labels

Capacity of over 5,000,000 square meters per year.


Production of  TTR: wax, wax resin, resin

Welcome to DEGAME

Production and distribution of paper and thermal rolls, self-adhesive labels, thermal transfer ribbons and self-adhesive tapes.

Paper rolls & Thermal rolls BPA free

With carefully selected BPA-free thermal papers and advanced production technology, we provide products that guarantee reliable and precise printing.

DEGAME – Your trusted choice for high-quality thermal rolls.

Self-adhesive labels & Stickers

With a capacity of over five million square meters per year, we fully meet our customers’ needs for self-adhesive labels.

Contact us today and discover why we are a reliable supplier of self-adhesive labels.

Self-adhesive tapes & Scotch tape

We produce self-adhesive tapes of various lengths according to customer requirements. We offer brown matte and transparent Scotch tape. Our tapes are made with water-based adhesive as well as polypropylene solvent-based tapes that are rubber-based.

Ribbons TTR

Our offer includes a wide range of ribbon rolls designed for thermal transfer printing. These ribbons are films coated with special ink that enables high-quality printing of various types of labels, stickers, barcodes, tags, and similar materials.

We manufacture using top-quality graphic equipment from renowned manufacturers such as Gallus, GOEBEL, SIAT, among others.

Combining our own production equipment, innovations, and know-how technology, we have developed a specific production cycle in Serbia, aligning production and machinery for maximum efficiency and quality management.

All our products are printed in full color using flexographic, offset, and UV inks and varnishes. Print preparation is an integral part of our production process.

Our monthly capacities exceed 200 tons of paper rolls (thermal, copy, offset paper) and over 500,000 square meters of self-adhesive paper labels.

If you have any further inquiries or need additional information, the DEGAME team is here for you. Feel free to contact us via phone, email, or the contact form on our website, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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