We produce various types of ribbons on state-of-the-art equipment: wax, wax-resin, and resin ribbons.

Our combination of ribbons and labels ensures perfectly printed labels.


It is important to pay attention to the compatibility of the ribbons with your thermal transfer printer and the material on which the labels are printed when choosing ribbons.

Additionally, consult with your ribbon supplier to receive recommendations for the appropriate ribbon for your specific needs.

Choose DEGAME as your ribbon partner and ensure high-quality TTR (thermal transfer ribbons). Contact us today and let’s start our collaboration!


Wax ribbons belong to the most economical group of TTR (thermal transfer ribbons) and are specifically designed for applications that use low printing energy.

They are primarily intended for paper labels and deliver excellent results even on rough surfaces.

The advantages of using wax ribbons include affordability, good resistance to abrasion, and easy application.

However, wax ribbons may be less resistant to scratches, chemicals, and extreme conditions compared to other types of ribbons such as resin or wax-resin ribbons.


They are used with medium printing energy. WAX/RESIN ribbons guarantee clear and detailed prints on smooth surfaces. TTR wax/resin is suitable for PP and other plastic materials. Compared to wax ribbons, they have much better resistance to abrasion and scratches.


Certain thermal printers are designed for printing speeds up to 1000 mm/s. DEGAME Near Edge ribbons are intended to deliver good printing results at this high speed and can be used for printing on smooth paper as well as many plastic labels and films.


Resin TTR is designed for thermal transfer printing on smooth plastic surfaces of self-adhesive materials. It is characterized by precise print results with high durability.

They are applied with high energy during printing on the printer.

It is important to note that resin ribbons are usually more expensive than wax ribbons due to their specific formulation and high resistance. When choosing a ribbon, the printing requirements, the material being printed, and the necessary print durability should be taken into consideration.

Our resin ribbons are particularly resistant to abrasion, scratches, gasoline, alcohol, and some solvents.

The combination of our ribbons and labels ensures an ideal printed label.



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